Hastings Autumn Bird Migration Survey 2012

We have reached that time of year again when we start recording the autumn bird migration movements from the areas in and around Hastings. The data is collated at the end of the survey, around mid October.
We would welcome your sightings which can be done from anywhere in the Borough, even just for half an hour each week or on a daily basis. All sightings however infrequent are invaluable.

August 3rd AG
1 immature Kittiwake
Maze Hill
1 Garden warbler

August 7th
Maze Hill
1 Willow warbler

August 9th
Archery Gardens
1 Willow warbler, 1 Swift

August 10th
Pebsham and Filsham
5 Willow warblers

August 11th MG
West Hill
1 juv wheatear

August 12th AG
1 Wheatear over Archery gardens

August 13th
3 Wheatear at Bulverhythe and 1 juv. kittiwake Marina
1 Willow warbler Salters Lane

August 14th AP
Fairlight-Hastings through HCPNR 0640-0900: Willow Warbler 1 singing Fairlight, Willow/Chiff 14 probably mostly migrant WW, Grasshopper Warbler 1 singing weakly in rough field near Barn Pond.
11 Whitethroats and 4 Lesser Whitethroats include local birds, 1 Crossbill-these pretty much resident now.
25 Swallows and 10 House Martins Barley Lane fields.


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