Other Wildlife Sites

convulvulus hawkmoth in bottle alley

It isn’t only on sites decorated with nature conservation designations where you find interesting wildlife. There are many areas in Hastings & St Leonards, including urban areas, where wildlife chooses to live. Private gardens can be excellent for wildlife, especially if a bit of effort has been put in to provide space for wildlife. Allotments can be excellent for wildlife also, and in Hastings a number of allotment owners have managed their plots to attract wildlife as well as grow vegetables.

There are also some very urban wildlife hotspots in Hastings including Bottle Alley, which is effectively a large concrete moth trap that attracts many moths especially migrants. The town centre is also refuge to a large flock of wintering pied wagtails that create nocturnal roosts amongst the town centre trees.

List of Wildlife Hotspots
Galley Hill
Pebsham Marsh
Pebsham Tip
Bulverhythe Recreation Ground
Goat Ledge
Harley Shute Road Cliff
Hastings Pier
Choice Allotments
Bottle Alley
Harbour Arm
Town Centre