Big Hoverflies

On August 1st I described a nice walk through Hastings Country Park NR , when we saw two large hoverflies, Volucella inflata  and Volucella zonaria,  I posted a picture of the former, but the latter was too quick for us.

However on Saturday, August 11, V. Zonaria appeared in our Fairlight garden briefly, and I was able to get a record shot before it zoomed off, but it was back again this morning and spent some time on our huge Hemp Agrimony plant.

This is  the largest of the three big Volucellas, the third being V. inanis, which is the only one I’ve seen in previous years, but not yet this year: I’ve now seen all three in Hastings Country Park NR.

With a wing length of almost 2 cm , zonaria is an impressive insect, well worth looking out for,  and is often mistaken for a Hornet- which I’ve yet to see in our area this year.


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