The climate of Hastings is dominated by the presence of the English Channel. The cooling and humidifying effect of the sea in summer keeps the coast green and the warming effect in winter keeps the coast here relatively frost free compared to a few miles inland. The marine environment itself though provides us with some of the most spectacular wildlife you can see in Hastings.

brent geese_pier_20040311_01.JPG
Brent Geese, Hastings Pier.

Bottlenose dolphin, harbour porpoise and common and grey seals are seen every year. Pilot whale, minke whale, hump-back whale, white-tailed sea eagle, leatherback turtle and basking shark have all been seen in recent years. Also every year spectacular migrations and summer and winter feeding flocks of sea birds can be seen inshore.

Beneath the waves huge shoals of fish can be witnessed especially around the many wrecks that lie offshore. In summer large shoals of sprat and mackerel come inshore to breed and are very conspicuous turning the sea black where the huge dense shoals congregate and sometimes turn the beach silver when they are beached by predators and the falling tide.