Church Wood & Robsack Wood

Church Wood & Robsack Wood are remnants of the large ancient woodland which used to cover much of the Hollington area. The wood has much history and many myths associated with it.

Church Wood Nature Reserve in spring.


The site has two main entrances. One is reached from the track off Church Wood Drive which leads to St Leonards Church Church in the wood). The other entrance is off Church Wood Drive opposite the junction to Mayfield Lane.

There are public footpaths and tracks throughout the wood and meadow. The nearest bus stops are at Tesco and along Church Wood Drive near the junction to Mayfield Lane. Many of the towns bus services stop at Tesco. The nearest train station, West St Leonards, is not within walking distance of the site. There is a small car park near the entrance to St Leonards Church at the end of the track off Church Wood Drive.

Nature Conservation Designations
Church Wood & Robsack Wood Local Nature Reserve
Church Wood Site of Nature Conservation Importance

Ancient semi-natural woodland, gill woodland, freshwater streams, semi-improved meadow.

Interesting woodland plants include toothwort, coralroot bittercress, early purple orchid and goldilocks buttercup. Recently cut coppice and the woodland edge around the meadow is rich in invertebrates with the woodland grasshopper being one of the rarest of the areas insect life.

Coralroot Bittercress







       Church Wood in

 autumn colours 2010



 Friends of Church and Robsack Wood

“To promote practical conservation work through voluntary action for the benefit of the local environment and community, conserving Church and Robsack Woods as a community woodland resource for local people to enjoy and study.”

The Friends maintain the woods in conjunction with Hastings Borough Council. They normally meet once a month on the second Saturday of each month at 10.00am in the car park behind Church in the Wood, Hollington. All ae welcome to come along and join in.

For further information contact Colin on 01424 850797 or Peter 0n 01424 850837






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