With such a wide variety of habitats present in Hastings, including our seven nature reserves, it’s of no surprise that the biodiversity present within the Borough is rich and interesting. A section on each species group is planned to be included with a check list of recorded species, information on selected rare and scarce species and a species group recording form so we can continue to update and monitor the recorded biodiversity of Hastings & St Leonards.

Colletes hederae, Barley Lane
Ivy Bee, Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

There are a number of species for which Hastings is especially important, either nationally or locally, and these ‘champion’ species are listed below with information on each.

Hastings ‘Champion’ Species

Black Redstart


Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket

Ivy Bee

Long-horned Bee

Cathormiocerus myrmecophilus (Hedgehog Weevil)

Dumortier’s Liverwort

Violet Helleborine



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