St Helens Park

St Helens Park
The best way to visit St Helens Park Local Nature Reserve is through the Langham Road entrance, the nearest bus stop is in Downs Road. Alternatively the De Roemer meadows entrance to the north of the reserve can be reached from The Ridge. A bus stop is situated very near the entrance to the public footpath that leads to the reserve. This path is highly unsuitable for vehicles.


Carr woodland, semi-improved meadow, freshwater stream, pond and reedbed.

Many footpaths and tracks within the woodland and meadows.

Broad-leaved helleborines are common within the wood. The meadows here are horse grazed and have many large oak and ash trees which support rare lichens and dead wood insects. Red bartsia and green-winged orchids grow in the meadows. Very good site for woodland moths including festoon and satin lutestring.

satin lutestring - st helens wood LNR