Sites of Nature Conservation Importance

Bulverhythe Cliffs

What is a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI)?
Semi-natural habitat which contributes to the overall natural resource and green network of the Borough, through species and/or habitat importance and fulfils an important passive, informal, recreation and/or educational role for residents and visitors, therefore contributing to an enhanced quality of the environment and quality of life within the Borough.

SNCIs in Hastings & St Leonards
Old Filsham Golf Course SNCI
Broomsgrove SNCI
Clive Vale SNCI
Augustus Way Pond SNCI
Bulverhythe Beach & Cliffs SNCI
Castle Rocks SNCI
Caves Road Cliffs SNCI
Hastings Cemetery SNCI
High Street Wall/All Saints Wall SNCI
Hollington Valley SNCI
Ochiltree Woods SNCI
Ponds Wood SNCI
Stade Beach SNCI
Wainwright Close SNCI
Wishingtree SNCI
South Saxons Wetlands SNCI
Glyne Gap Marsh SNCI
Shornden Meadow SNCI
Holmhurst St Mary SNCI
West St Leonards Railway Embankments SNCI
Shornden Woodland SNCI