White Rock Gardens

Sandstone walls at White Rock Gardens *1
White Rock Gardens is an excellent site for watching visible bird migration. During autumn thousands of birds of many species migrate along the south coast and White Rock Gardens is a superb watch point for watching this early morning migration. Swallows, house martins, woodpigeons and meadow pipits make up the bulk of the birds seen but many different species can be seen flying overhead including brambling, short-eared owl, hawfinch, marsh harrier and little egret.

The other wildlife highlight of White Rock Gardens are the solitary bees and wasps that nest in the sandstone walls. Some of these species are rare and scarce, so the site is very important for the conservation of this group of insects. The most conspicuous species is the ivy bee which nests in its thousands in the sandstone walls of White Rock Gardens.

Colletes hederae, Barley Lane