Synanthedon flaviventris – Sallow Clearwing

Sallow Clearwing - South Saxons Wetlands

Common Name: Sallow Clearwing

Species Name: Synanthedon flaviventris

Description: The only Hastings record of this nationally scarce moth, which is confined to southern Britain, is of a photo taken of the species from South Saxons Wetlands. Sallow clearwings are very difficult to find, unless a pheromone lure is used, during it’s June to July flight season. The larvae feed on goat and grey willow which is common within the carr woodland area of South Saxons Wetlands.

Conservation Designation & UK Status: Nationally Scarce category B, Southern Restricted, NBN Map

Status in Hastings: Only one record from South Saxons Wetlands.

Factors Affecting Status: The significant loss of sallow scrub within South Saxons Wetlands. Sallow scrub removal is essential to protect fen vegetation from sallow scrub invasion but must be balanced with the conservation of wetlands scrub species.

Conservation Action in Hastings: Conduct pheromone lure surveys at wetland sites in Hastings & St Leonards including Filsham Reedbed, Glyne Gap Marsh & South Saxons Wetlands.

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