Scopula emutaria – Rosy Wave

Common Name: Rosy Wave

Species Name: Scopula emutaria

Description: This nationally scarce moth only occurs at one site in Hastings, Filsham Reedbed. It flies from June to July mainly after dark, where it is recorded at moth traps, but can also be disturbed amongst vegetation during the day. The larval foodplant of rosy wave is unknown and the moth occurs in a number of different wetland and coastal habitats in Britain.

Rosy Wave on UK Moths

Conservation Status & UK Status: Nationally Scarce category B – NBN Map

Status in Hastings: A rare species in Hastings occuring at only one site, Filsham Reedbed.

Factors Affecting Status: This species occurs on wetland and coastal sites so the loss or deterioration of wetland sites in Hastings could affect this species. The species could also occur at other wetland sites in Hastings such as Glyne Gap Marsh.

Conservation Action in Hastings: Conduct moth surveys at other wetland sites in Hastings & St Leonards most importantly at Glyne Gap Marsh.