Lasiocampa trifolii – Grass Eggar

Common Name: Grass Eggar

Species Name: Lasiocampa trifolii

Description: A nationally scarce moth that occurs on coastal shingle, maritime cliffs, sand-dunes and acid grassland. The foodplant seems to vary between populations. The moth is like a smaller paler version of oak eggar, which is much more common than this species. The adult is on the wing in August and September.

Grass Eggar on UK Moths

Conservation Designation & UK Status: Nationally Scarce category A, Southern Restricted, NBN Map

Status in Hastings: Very rare in Hastings. Only a couple of records from Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

Factors Affecting Status: It is unknown whether the records are of wandering individuals from nearby populations in Rye Bay, as breeding has not been confirmed from the site. Until breeding and foodplant have been confirmed it is difficult to fully assess status.

Conservation Action in Hastings: Continue moth surveys at Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve. Conduct larvae surveys on undercliff areas to try to ascertain breeding status and identify foodplant.

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