Wild Hastings to be archived.

Wild Hastings is to be archived. We are now joining RX Wildlife which has the latest wildlife news from the Hastings, Rye Bay and Dungeness area. To continue reading the latest wildlife news from Hastings please go to RXwildlife.info .

I would like to express a great thank you to all the authors that have published Hastings wildlife news on this website and to all our readers. RX wildlife is now the best website for publishing wildlife news for the area and the Wild Hastings authors will continue to post Hastings news on RXwildlife.info.

Andy Phillips

Plumed Fan-foot

Crystal Rays purple patch continues with this plumed fan-foot Pechipogo plumigeralis caught in her balcony moth trap yesterday. This is another rare immigrant and another new species for Hastings.

Also just a reminder that we now run a Hastings area branch of the Sussex Moth Group, and we usually organise a moth trapping event once a month in Hastings or the surrounding area. Anyone interested in getting into moth recording in the local area is welcome to join the Sussex Moth Group and come along to our moth evenings.

We also co-ordinate a Hastings database of moth records with the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre so if you have any moth records for Hastings please email them to Andy Phillips.

Roof Terrace Moths

The warm humid nights have been excellent for moths over the last few days. I havn’t had anything to compare with Alans goat moth, which will probably be the Hastings moth highlight of the year. The best moths coming to my roof terrace moth lights over the last few days has been this fine pine hawkmoth and a white satin moth. Other migrants have included a few silver y and diamond-back moths.

Pine Hawkmoth - Roof Terrace

Larinus planus and bee orchids at Horse-shoe Car Park

I’ve always thought that the habitat around horse-shoe car park at Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve looked ideal for Larinus planus, a scarce weevil that feeds on thistles. Yesterday I finally found, not just one but several, of this relatively large weevil on creeping thistle edging the car park. Found another local beetle Cassida vibex on these thistles as well. Also the bee orchids are starting to flower at Horse-shoe car park.

The tree bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum)seems to be well established in Hastings now. I found a couple foraging on hemlock water dropwort at Filsham a few days ago, and there was also one at Horse-shoe car park yesterday. And it’s pretty common on Hebe in the garden opposite my flat.

Mid-night Moths at Marline

We held our third moth evening of the Hastings Branch of Sussex Moth Group last night. Didn’t get back home until about 2am as it was our best moth evening so far this year.

We were very lucky with the weather as the wind almost completely dropped and we had four moth lights running amongst the common spotted orchids within Big Meadow, Marline Valley Nature Reserve.

The highlight was one of the first moths caught, a grass rivulet. This local species feeds on the seeds of yellow rattle. A plant that is very common within the meadow.

Over 30 species were caught including ghost swift, common swift, blood-vein, treble brown-spot, silver-ground carpet, yellow shell, common marbled carpet, green carpet, july highflyer, may highflyer, common pug, lime-speck pug, yellow-barred brindle, clouded border, brimstone moth, peppered moth, willow beauty, mottled beauty, common wave, light emerald, flame shoulder, ingrailed clay, setaceous hebrew character, double square-spot, small angle shades, marbled minor sp., treble lines, mottled rustic, marbled white spot, straw dot, snout. We also have a number of other specimens yet to identify to add to the list.