Hastings Autumn Bird Migration survey 2012

Monday November 5th
NE f2 clear, very good
Recording by: AG, SB, MG, AP

White Rock 6.55-8.50 and 9.35-11.00 combined.
Quiet overhead here until passage more evident from 8 am. Although dry very heavy rain over southern Channel horizon at first. Some winter visitor mixtures included several Blackbirds passing inland and a mixed flock of Stock Doves and Woodpigeons with half a dozen Skylarks. A very musical male Crossbill passed north and a Mistle thrush decided to join a party of Starlings heading west;-
Birds identified were;- Sparrowhawk 1 W, Woodpigeon 65 E 1,940 W, Stock dove 344 W, Rook 3 W, Skylark 6 W, Starling 45 W, Reed bunting 3 in, Chaffinch 33 in, Crossbill 1 in, Brambling 1, Mistle thrush 1, Blackbird 8, Song thrush 5, including 3 birds W, Meadow pipit 5 W, Pied wagtail 5 in, Linnet 3 in, Redpoll 4 over, Goldfinch 57 E, Siskin 8 over, Greenfinch 5 over.

Torfield to West Hill 07.50 – 09.10
2 Chiffchaffs heard at Torfield.
A nice passage of Woodpigeons noted, mainly in flocks of 200
from east to west with the majority high over the sea and along the coastline:
Woodpigeon 8500 W, Stock Dove 116 W, Meadow Pipit 2 in, 2 W, Skylark 3 W, Chaffinch 23 W, Goldfinch 68 E, Pied Wagtail 3 in, Starling 2 W.

West Hill 15.00
Merlin 1E. 1 Goldfinch, 1 chaffinch and 1 Blue Tit

Fairlight-Ore through HCPNR 0715-0915:
Goldfinch in/E 80, Redpoll E3, Siskin in/E 8, Brambling E 1, Pied wagtail E 4. Wood Pigeon in/W 50, in/E 20.
Goldcrest 12, Song Thrush 4, Skylark 1 , Redwing 2, Starling 15.


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