Autumn migration watch

The annual Friends of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve  Autumn Migration walk, expertly lead as always by Andrew Grace, started at 8 am after another wet night.  Those who braved the weather-12 in all-were treated to one of our best autumn watches, as the weather speedily inproved. It was clear that birds were arriving just where we were, at low level, then heading along the coast in either direction, giving everyone a chance to see and hear groups of Siskins, Goldfinches and Linnets at close range, and experience a heavy passage of Swallows. The Jay movement was the best so far:

Firehills 0800-1015:

Jay 65 W in groups of up to 20, Meadow Pipit 40 W, Goldfinch 140 W 340 E, Siskin 150 E, Redpoll 13 W, Chaffinch 60, Brambling 1, Linnet 50 E, Swallow 1700 W, House Martin 300 W, Sand Martin 1W, Pied Wagtail 25 W, Greenfinch 4, Reed Bunting 3, Starling 15 W, Goldcrest 9, Chiffchaff 6, Blackcap 3,

Rook 1, Yellowhammer pair.

[A late addition for Oct 5-a wet and windy early morning again:West St Leonards 8.50-9.50  AG
Some passage West noted of Pied wagtail 2, Meadow pipit 42, Swallow 8 and Chaffinch 20.
4 Chiffchaffs




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