Moth trapping update

This year has been characterised by long periods when the weather was too bad to put out a moth trap, and due to incessant wind and rain I’ve done no trapping since Sept 21st. In fact the only time I did try, rain caused an electrical fault in my garden trap, speedily repaired by Watkins and Doncaster at Hawkhurst.

However I’ve been able to get all the records up to date [and backed up just in time for a hard-drive failure], while I was gratified to learn from Colin Pratt, Sussex moth recorder, that my garden record of Azalea Leaf Miner on Sept 16 [posted here] was the first Sussex record east of Eastbourne.

But I did manage to see a moth today while walking a gloomy path in the Country Park- a Common Marbled Carpet, a common species which comes in a variety of colours, this orange banded one being perhaps the nicest.

Common Marbled Carpet HCPNR


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