Hastings Autumn Bird Migration survey 2012

Sunday 30th September
SW, calm f1 increasing 4 or 5 later, variable cloud 6/8ths good
Recording by: AP, AG, SB

Fairlight-Hastings through HCPNR 0650-0930:
Jay 2 in Fairlight gardens, a total of 41 W at various times, possibly a little duplication, Chiffchaff 46, Blackcap 19, Goldcrest 15, Song Thrush 2 + 3W high, Stonechat 2, Whinchat 1, Meadow Pipit 40 W + 55, Tree Pipit 1W, Pied Wagtail 6W, Grey Wagtail 3W, Yellow Wagtail 1W, Siskin 50 E, Redpoll 6E, Goldfinch 160 E, Chaffinch 40, Reed Bunting 9, Linnet 40, Swallow 50 W +75, House Martin 70, Skylark 1 [first], House Sparrow 2W high.
Of interest 1 Dartford Warbler, 1 Raven, 130 GBB Gulls harbour.

West St Leonards 7.30-7.55
Song thrush 2 E, Meadow pipit 1 E. Passage W of Jay 12 (2,8,2), Pied/White wagtail 4, Grey wagtail 1, Chaffinch 4.
2 Blackcaps, 9 Chiffchaffs..

Bulverhythe Beach/Galley Hill 7.55-9.25
Meadow pipit 35 W, 1 E 1 in, Pied/White wagtail 5 W, Grey wagtail 1 W, Rook 2 W, Swallow 7 W 3 in. Goldfinch 123 E.
13 Robins, 7 Chiffchaffs.

Torfield to West Hill 07.30 – 09.30
Great spotted woodpecker 3 W (singles), House Martin 10 N, 5 W, 12 feeding overhead, Linnet 36 W, Meadow Pipit 13 E, 33 W, Goldfinch 83 E, Swallow 46 W, 6 N, Chaffinch 56 W, Pied Wagtail 4 E, and 9, Blue Tit f3 in circling overhead, Jay 3, f6, F7, f6, Dunnock 1 in.
11 Chiffchaffs, 5 Goldcrests (Torfield), 1 Robin. also of note: 2 Sparrowhawk over.


2 responses to “Hastings Autumn Bird Migration survey 2012

  1. Hi Sharon

    I originally sent this to Andy Phillips, but I assume he did not get it as he had not replied. I am new to trying to post questions to the Website and could not easily see how I could do this, so any guidance from you or someone else would be helpful.

    Also if you or a colleague could answer my query I would be very grateful.

    Kind Regards & Thanks

    Andrée (Stevens)

    Hi Andy

    I do not know whether Cripps Corner comes under the RX banner – if not can you direct me to the correct place to ask the following question:-

    Last weekend (Saturday he thinks) my Husband (Bill) was camping at a Music Festival opposite Sedlescombe Vineyard and he and some of his follow campers thought they saw a Red Kite – is this possible?

    Bill had seen his first Red Kite earlier this year along the M4 corridor and was sure that it was not a Buzzard due the shape of its tail and wings. PS Bill doesn’t drink alcohol so was perfectly sober – though I cannot vouch for the other campers!

    Kind Regards & Thanks

    Andrée (Stevens)

  2. Sorry Andrée I never received your email. Did you send it to threecubes@gmail.com

    Cripps Corner does come under the RX banner, it includes inland areas as well as coastal areas.

    Red kites are regularly seen in the Sedlescombe/Staplecross area. I’ve seen them myself regularly whenever I’m in that area.

    If you want to ask questions feel free to do on the website by commenting on a relevant or most recent post.


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