Country Park Moths

Last night was unusually calm, and dawn was overcast and milder than of late-promising conditions for moth trapping in Hastings Country Park NR.

Despite this, on first glance the trap seemed to contain just a few Craneflies and  a Caddis Fly. However on lifting off the top, the moths were all hiding in amongst the boxes, a modest total of 14 species. These were mostly “brown jobs”-common ones like Setaceous Hebrew Character and Large Yellow Underwing, but there were three characteristic autumn species too. These were a Lunar Underwing, which I catch quite a lot of in Fairlight, though not as yet this year, and singles of Autumnal Rustic and Brindled Green.

I’ve not caught either of these in my garden trap, and the Brindled Green, a little beauty, was new to the Country Park list. The picture of the Rustic shows the effects of wear- it’s easy to identify using the right wing, but would be less so if both were worn like the left one.


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