Moth trapping update

Autumn moves on, including, on Aug 30/31 what was apparently the coldest August night for 100 years-it felt like it too as I examined my Fairlight garden moth trap.  Even so, there were seven species, including a new one for the garden , the tortrix Cochylimorpha straminea .[ There are 399 species of these small moths on the British list, previously requiring a lot of study of a large and expensive two volume work showing spread out examples, but now much easier to name using the new micro moth guide, which shows them in natural positions.  Even so, they are pretty small and I find it helpful to take a photo, camera on tripod in outside light, facing the same way as in the book, so that the details can be examined on the computer screen].

Last night I set up the Hastings  Country Park NR trap- a cloudy night initially, but then a bright moon, not ideal. Even so, 27 species were in the trap, including several smart Feathered Gothics, a real sign of autumn.


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