Two orange moths

Moth numbers have dropped quite a lot since their peak in July, yesterday [Aug 27], I  ran both the Hastings Country Park NR and my Fairlight garden traps, catching 36 and 9 species respectively.

Both traps produced a nice orange moth [not the Orange Moth, which I’ve never caught], my garden one an Orange Swift, an attractive species I get a few of most years, while the larger trap drew in the smaller tortrix Cydia amplana.

This is a scarce migrant moth, first recorded in the UK in 1990, there was an exceptional arrival of these along the south coast 10 days ago. This was new to me, but it has previously been recorded in HCPNR.

I greatly enjoy coincidences, so was delighted, after an exciting visit to PC World at Ravenside retail park to buy a new mouse for the computer, to note that a moth that flew into us in the carpark, was, yes, the Mouse moth…..

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