Plumed Fan-foot

Crystal Rays purple patch continues with this plumed fan-foot Pechipogo plumigeralis caught in her balcony moth trap yesterday. This is another rare immigrant and another new species for Hastings.

Also just a reminder that we now run a Hastings area branch of the Sussex Moth Group, and we usually organise a moth trapping event once a month in Hastings or the surrounding area. Anyone interested in getting into moth recording in the local area is welcome to join the Sussex Moth Group and come along to our moth evenings.

We also co-ordinate a Hastings database of moth records with the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre so if you have any moth records for Hastings please email them to Andy Phillips.

One response to “Plumed Fan-foot

  1. Thanks Andy for posting these up for me, I have to say that I was just about to put this one out, having listed it on my catch as ‘Snout’ when I though… have a closer look, somethings not quite right, am examining everything closely now just incase, to the annoyance of most of them 🙂

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