Through the Country Park

Yesterday I walked from Fairlight through the Country Park to St Leonards, reckoning that the early morning fog would soon burn off- it didn’t so birding and insect hunting were difficult.

I heard about 15 Willow/Chiffs, these were probably mostly migrant Willow Warblers, the 2 I saw were, there were just 5 Whitethroats, and a Dartford Warbler at the start of East Hill. Despite the gloom, Yellowhammers were obliging-Hastings Country Park NR is the best place I know in this area for seeing these easily.

The fog kept most insects out of sight, though there were notable numbers of Marmalade Hoverflies all along Firehills, and inspection of the showy Hemp Agrimony in Ecclesbourne Glen revealed a few [of what I now know to be] fungus gnats  Sciara hemerobioides. making a colourful combination with the ubiquitous Soldier Beetles.

Walking along the front I noted at least 3 Turnstones on the harbour arm -these have been around for some time, and 3 Whimbrels flew W past the pier, where a Common Sandpiper was on a groyne

Returning, I sat on the beach at Rock-a-Nore for a bit, here were 3 Kittiwakes including an obliging juvenile, a Harbour Porpoise  showed several times some way out.



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