Which Kitten ?

I just posted some moth pictures from Hastings CPNR, including one which I called Poplar Kitten, my friend who also photographed it thinks it might be Sallow Kitten-its all down to the shape of the rear cross line-is it curved or jagged.?  It looks curved , hence Poplar, but is it a worn [jagged] Sallow, or perhaps simply indeterminate ?


Any thoughts welcome- both have been recorded in the Country Park NR


4 responses to “Which Kitten ?

  1. Hi Alan I think it will depend a bit on the size as well. Most Sallow Kittens are noticably smaller than the Poplar Kitten. If you don’t have the moth, but do have the wood you took it on, you could try to measure the area he was in to get a rough idea of its size. From the photo my guess would be Poplar Kitten. Its not scientific but the Poplars tend to get that transparent look to the wing as they wear, like a Puss moth, but Sallows just seem to look a bit tatty… if that makes sense. Either way some lovely moths you’re getting at the two locations. 🙂

    • Yes, I forgot about the size, which I checked -it was quite big. UK moths discussion group say Poplar, so Poplar it is. regards Alan

  2. Looks like a sallow kitten to me. Poplar kittens have a distinctive thick black border to the leading half of the outer cross-line which the specimen in the photo lacks. The curved/jagged shape of the outer cross-line is so variable I don’t find it reliable to seperate the two species and there is a considerable overlap in size between the two species. When comparing specimens of both species the thick black border to the leading half of the outer cross-line is a very obvious difference and the best way to identify these two species. Poplar kittens always look like they have been drawn on with a thick marker pen!

    • Hmmm this may mean some re-examining to some of mine..lol I’d really love Andy if you could post a photo of Poplar or link to one with some notes on it. You know similar to your Dark Spectacle you did, that is a brilliant reference, this kitten looks to me like a thick heavy line on the leading bit, however it does not look nice and straight, so I see where your coming from here. Maybe I’m seeing it wrong, would love an example to fav. 🙂

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