Too many moths !

I put the Country Park moth trap out on friday evening  , July 27, when the heat and humidity reminded me of forest birding in SE Asia. But when I checked it first thing next morning a keen cold wind was blowing through the trapping site and I regretted my shorts.  However there were still a lot of moths in and around the trap , and identifying all these on site and at home took about 3 hours as usual. Unusually, I put it out again on Saturday night also as a friend who runs a trap near Canterbury had come over for a change of scene. This time it was quite breezy when we put it out, and decidedly chilly in the morning, not so many moths .[but quite a few in my garden trap in Fairlight].

After another lengthy session, all the moths were named and photographed as needed, but I have quite a backlog of records  to enter into the computer and check against lists to see which are new.

I don’t think there were any new macros, but several new micros for both HCPNR and my garden list. Here is a selection:  a Pebble Prominent clasping the trap power cable [on 27th I had 4 prominents: Pebble, Pale, Swallow and Iron], a Poplar Kitten which was new to me on 27th, and a pair of footmen, the common Common Footman with the much smaller and scarcer Pigmy Footman, presumably a migrant, a new species for me, also on 27th. All from Hastings Country Park NR.



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