anyone for cricket

hello all
i usually get a few crickets in and around the moth trap, but as i havent been able to run one this year i havent seen any….till now…..this little chap was sittingon the front door climbing upward….a Roesels Cricket i am advised…we relocated it to nearby white rock gardens…
Bog Bush Cricket
roesels cricket


4 responses to “anyone for cricket

    • hello peter
      thanks for the question….obviously answered by andy afterwards….i thought about roesels to start with but couldnt convince myself, so by the time i had wandered around a few pictures on the internet i had convinced myself otherwise….!
      never mind….

  1. Yes this is a roesel’s bush-cricket. It’s very common in and around Hastings now after colonising the area a few years ago. It’s easy to recognise due to the yellow spots at the base of the abdomen.

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