Country Park Moths

I haven’t been able to run the Robinson trap in Hastings Country Park NR since July 5 due to awful weather, so it was good to put it out last night. Despite a clear night and a chill in the morning, there were lots of  moths in and around the trap. I’ve still got several little ones to identify, but there were over 50 species.

By far the best was a splendid Goat Moth sitting on a bramble just above the bulb, this is a very big moth, with a fat body and markings resembling fissured bark, its also Nationally Notable [b] and a first for the country park. [and me]

There were a range of colourful species, including Peach Blossom, Brimstone, Small Magpie and this nice red Ruby Tiger, while another large and distinctive species was a Drinker-see the large antennae.

However the scarcest moth was a small ,unfamiliar, strongly marked Tortrix, which proved to be Acleris umbrana, described as “rare though becoming more frequent in recent years”. This was also new to the Country Park.
In contrast there were only about a dozen moths in our Fairlight garden trap, best being a Dwarf Cream Wave, this is listed as “local”, the first stage of uncommon-ness after “common”


2 responses to “Country Park Moths

  1. The goat moth is an exceptional record. It’s not a first for the country park, a larva was recorded a few years back. I’ve been hoping for another record since that last record to confirm it still occurs. This species is very rare and declining in Sussex, this is very good news.

    • Thanks Andy, do you have a date for the larva ? . This will make an interestingstory to write up for the Friends of HCPNR newsletter-lets hope for a few more warm days… cheers Alan

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