Thursday last…Country Park

Went for an evening walk in the Country Park to look for some birds. Nothing to report on that side of things, just the usual culprits hanging around.
Whilst we were looking for the elusive (to me anyway) Dartford Warbler (and yes, failed again) we came across a shrub buzzing merrily, when out popped several Summer Chafers (i know, it hasnt been that much of a summer!):

Summer Chafer
Summer Chafer

This one landed on my jumper so I carefully picked it off to get a photo. Ive had these in my moth trap at Frederick Road on occasions, but it was nice to see 3 or 4 at the same time.
When we returned to the main car park, around 9.15, the sun was setting. We were in time for this rather splendid sunset:

Country Park sunset

…..and the sky was on fire!

Country Park sunset ‘fire’


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