Moth trapping

It looked promising last night, so I set both Hastings  Country Park NR and Fairlight garden moth traps, resulting in the best catch for some considerable time, only the second decent catch at HCPNR this year.

There were 33 species in the Country Park trap, still not great for the time of year, but very welcome. These included some showy species: a beautiful Ghost Moth, which I’ve never caught at Fairlight, and, along with a couple of Poplar  Hawks, which are annual in our garden, a splendid Eyed Hawk Moth, which I’ve also ot had at home. As usual they gripped  tightly on the fingers and refused  to be placed on a more natural background.

Both of these moths were last caught in the Country Park in 2006- the last trapping year, but there were 2 welcome if unspectacular additions to the list- the tiny tortrix moth Eucosma dubitana, and, remarkably, the common  Garden Carpet , which has apparently avoided capture until now.

Back home at Fairlight there were 12 species in the smaller trap, the most this year I think, including Cypress Carpet and one of the easiest tortrix moths, the Bramble Shoot, which was also at HCPNR.


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