Guestling Wood

A wander round Guestling wood in the sunshine yesterday afternoon with my son Henry and his pooter pot produced this wonderful Harvestman:
These love the damp and one thing to say about the current state of just about everywhere is…its damp. Although they have eight legs they arent classed as real spiders as they produce neither venom nor spin webs. Ive never seen their trick of shedding a leg as a defensive tactic, but I would think it most interesting…
Whilst in a different part of the wood I cam across a couple of ferns. Firstly was Black Spleenwort:
Black Spleenwort Asplenium adiantum-nigrum
Black Spleenwort Asplenium adiantum-nigrum
A common species found more in stony crevices but also in other locations. They require damp conditions initially and then are happy to survive with less water.
Nearby was this Hard Fern:
Hard Fern Blechnum spicant
Hard Fern Blechnum spicant
This one is more at home in the wood, prefering coppiced woodland.



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