Hospital Flowers

While visiting the Conquest Hospital about 10 days ago, I spotted a couple of clumps of Helleborines [orchids] growing under a hedge. After an abortive 30 minutes at Rock-a-Nore this morning, I checked to see if they were flowering yet.

No, but maybe a week or so to go-they are presumably Broad Leaved Helleborines, a plant I know locally from our own front “lawn” in Fairlight-though not this year it seems-and from HCPNR. They are quite sturdy plants , easy to find and worth a look.

Coming from Ore they are on the left hand side of The Ridge, between the Hospital roundabout and the traffic lights just before that. I checked around the edge of the adjacent car park but saw no more.

Helleborines near Conquest Hospital



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