Bee Orchids

Yesterday, a nice sunny day at last, I had my first look for White Letter Hairstreak butterflies at Torfield. The bramble flowers are just coming out and this is a real sun-trap, but there were no Hairstreaks, or indeed any butterflies of any kind. [In fact I was out and about all day and saw only I butterfly: a distant White at the Stade]

After that I dropped into Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve, to see if I could find the Bee Orchids at Horseshoe Car Park , not far from the Visitor Centre., as posted by Andy Phillips on June 10. In amongst a spectacular carpet of Birds Foot Trefoil- how nice it is to see some colour  in our grass dominated landscapes- I found several spikes of this impressive Orchid.

I was particularly pleased to see these as the only local ones I knew of , at Cliff End, have been buried under  spoil generated by the construction of  two houses…

There were also several flower spikes of Yellow Rattle, just “going over ”


Bee Orchids at Hastings Country Park NR



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