Filsham Reedbed – all change

Here we are in June and amongst the few months when no work is done within the reedbed. So I thought I would look back at some of the management that has happened in the past year – what a difference.
I have placed here three pictures – the first showing the willow invasion we were faced with last August:
wood or reedbed
This was definately to be a much harder task than the previous two sections we had completed!
Secondly, by December 2011 the area we commenced work in looked like this:
Filsham Reedbed Dec 2011
Cold – but so much imporved.
Now it is June and the vegetation, as usual, is doing its thing, so I took the opportunity to take this picture, roughly looking the same way as the other two shots:
Filsham June 2012
A world of difference.
This management will continue as well as, hopefully, trying to keep any further willow encroachment, in the areas we have already worked in, under control.
If anyone should wish to help once a month please let me know.

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