Filsham Reedbed

Evening visit 14 June
Managed to get a quick visit in before the rain came….accessed from Reedwood Road….the meadow that you cross to get to the reedbed, which has had considerable work over the past few years, is looking very good. Its the first time I have seen Flag Iris growing there so it must also be fairly damp.
The reedbed remains quite high with water due to the English Summer weather, which is good news for the reedbed though maybe not for those on holiday. The areas of the reedbed that have had considerable work done to them in clearing much of the willow is now looking rather splendid (will try to post some pictures soon) with the new reed growth, actually making this area in particular look like a reed bed! This work will continue over the coming winters.
Birds present, Blackcaps singing occasionally, Chiffchaffs in considerable numbers singing, occasional Whitethroat and Sedge Warbler. Reed Warblers seemed very active and therefore easily visible, many carrying food. The pond at the viewing point has all but disappeared with reed growth. Reed Buntings and Chaffinchs aplenty.Two Jays passed by and a Sparrowhawk was alarming a considerable number of birds along the river near the boardwalk. Plenty of Robins and Blue/Great Tits (adults and juveniles). A Bullfinch was nice to see and hear. A Cuckoo called a few times though seemed to be more over toward the playing fields, so quite distant. A Willow Warbler was singing from the reedbed. Several Song Thrush were doing their evening duty around the outskirts of the reedbed whilst at least 5 Cettis Warblers did theirs from within.


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