Arthur Singer Prints

I have had six Arthur Singer American Home Magazine bird prints in my loft for some time, im moving and sadly its time for them to go as they will not be allowed any wallspace…boo…..
Five of them are framed and one is not, always meant to get them re-framed anyway….I believe it was a series of eight, but here are the 6 I have…
No.4 Mockingbird
No.2 Mountain Bluebird
No.3 Quail/Pheasant/Grouse
No.5 American Robin
No.7 Western Meadowlark
No.1 Cardinal
So….if you would like them contact me and I will happily supply photos of them by email so you can judge their condition…or you can come and see them…if you are serious I will bring them to you (local)…
Im looking for a reasonable offer so check out on other websites what they are worth….

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