Through the Country Park

Yesterday,After a couple of hours attempting to observe the Transit of Venus-no luck due to cloud cover- I took a walk through Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve to Hastings.

Scanning the sea off Firehills produced a couple of fine Mediterranean Gulls no doubt heading for Rye Harbour, and several Gannets. I was pleased to hear a Dartford Warbler buzzing from the gorse, but it was quite breezy and it remained hidden.  Below the radar tower, the rabbit grazed turf is worth a look : amongst the white flower heads  of Heath Bedstraw-here very small-can be found the even tinier flowers of Common Birdsfoot. These repay close examinationon hands and knees ; the picture shows the pods that give the plant its name.

Further along at the bottom of Warren Glen, a short diversion towards the sea revealed a really nice display of mixed Heath Bedstraw-here taller-and dense blue spikes of Heath Speedwell growing together in an area of rabbit grazed grassland with old anthills.

At the end of an increasingly windy walk I scanned the sea for half an hour from Rock-a-Nore, no seabird movement but a lone male Common Scoter sitting on the sea.


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