Below the Country Park

This weekend I spent some time walking below the cliffs at Cliff End and the Country Park NR.

On Saturday I just went as far as Fairlight Cove, where there was a group of about 10 Common Scoters unusually close inshore, just about  close enough to photograph.  On Sunday I did something I haven’t done for a couple of years and walked below the cliffs from Cliff End to Hastings. This is a walk not to be undertaken lightly : it is  hard, slow going and took me 4 hrs 20 mins including the short walk through Market wood [Crossbill] from Fairlight to Cliff End.

There was no sign of yesterdays Scoters, but a Common Sandpiper was on the rocks near Fairlight Cove, as were a Little Egret, about 100 Oystercatchers and a few Curlews. This walk is mostly about appreciating the bizarre landscape below the cliffs, and  it is interesting to see the streams which flow through the Glens -the Warren Glen stream manages a modest waterfall at the end- disappearing into the shingle after a few yards. Birds are usually thin on the ground, however I did get my target species, a singing Black Redstart E of Ecclesbourne Glen, though as usual I was unable to pick it out on the towering cliffs. A pair of Common Scoters were  off the rocks below .


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