That’s more like it…

A very warm day again yesterday, so I put out both moth traps with some anticipation. My Fairlight garden trap held just 8 moths of seven species, including Green and Garden Carpets; their biomass was exceeded by 7 fat Cockchafers.

Last time I ran the Country Park trap I got an amazing no moths; very different today though with a bumper catch of around 100 moths from which I was able to identify 37 species. [worn pugs and tiny micros were ignored, there is a new book on micro-moths about to be published which will be a big help with these]. Processing all these took about 2 hours: as well as those in the trap a number of interesting moths were lurking in the vegetation around it, requiring some searching.

Amongst these were 5 Least Black Arches, which I have been catching in Fairlight but which hasn’t been recorded in HCPNR since 1997 , 2 Lunar Marbled Browns [last 1993 ], a Bordered Sallow [pictured], the first record for HCPNR, and Orange Footman– also a first record.

The catch demonstrated the range of colours that moths display- Green Carpets,   yellow Brimstones, orange Oak Hook -tips [pictured],  and, my favourite, a superb Peach Blossom [pictured] , clinging to a grass stem.


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