Shornden Meadow Moth Evening

We held our second Sussex Moth Group (Hastings Branch) moth event on saturday evening at Shornden Meadow in Alexandra Park. The weather was quite variable during the evening, starting off warm and humid, followed by rain then a temperature drop and gusty wind. We did have a few moths though including a fine male lime hawkmoth. I didn’t take any pictures on Saturday so here’s a photo of one from my roof terrace. They are stunning moths.

Lime Hawkmoth at West Hill Road

Other species recorded included common swift, may highflyer, brindled pug, v-pug, brimstone moth, waved umber, common wave, flame shoulder, and angle shades. Still very poor for the time of year.

We also recorded a slender groundhopper and Tetragnatha nigrita (a scarce long-jawed spider) while sweeping before it got dark. And we also had a Tipula maxima come to the moth lights, which is a giant sized crane-fly.

A big thanks to Hastings Council ranger Nick Hennessey for helping out on the night and also to the volunteers that have been helping Nick improve the meadow and water edge habitat. The meadow is looking excellent at the moment.

If you would like to join the Sussex Moth Group and come along to our events download a membership form from the Sussex Moth Group website.


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