Remarkable Moth catch

Yesterday evening looked promising-not too cold or windy and a bit overcast, so I put the Country Park moth trap out for the first time for a week or so. Anticipating a good catch to process, I went up early, and was astonished to find absolutely no moths inside it. To catch nothing in a Robinson trap in good habitat in mid-May takes a bit of doing…

More positively, a nice Tree Bumblebee yesterday on the Rosa Rugosa border at Norman Court just E of White Rock theatre. And a high count of 20 Cormorants on the end of the pier.




2 responses to “Remarkable Moth catch

  1. …if i could have chosen a summer not to have a garden and therefore no moth trap, this is the one…maybe it was luck…but it certainly has been a rotten time for moths so far…i hope it picks up…
    Sorry havnt been touch but been sorting my temp house and net access..though i dont think ive missed much….sadly….

    • Yes, I wouldn’t want to be a Nightjar arriving here at the moment ! Yesterday I was at Dungeness and they have cancelled their moth event for today “due to a dearth of moths”. It must get better …

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