Some Moths at last !

Moth recorders agree that , because of the weather, this has been a dreadful spring for moth trapping. However yesterday the pagan gods smiled on the Jack in the Green festivities, and it wasn’t a bad day, with a relatively warm evening. As I haven’t caught anything in the Country Park since April 14, because the weather has been too bad to put the trap out , and have only had a few Hebrew Characters in Fairlight since then, I put both traps out last night.

Of course it rained during the night, but at least there were some moths to look at: 9 in the Country Park trap -a miserable total, but including Great Prominent, Green Carpet and Angle Shades, while there were just 2 in my home trap including a Silver-ground Carpet. Thick fog rolled in and enveloped the Country Park while I was checking the trap ….

Great Prominent


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