Bombus hypnorum (Tree Bumblebee) at last!

I’ve seen the tree bumblebee in many places in south-east England, except Hastings. This newly colonised bumblebee started to appear in Britain a few years ago and Hastings was one of the first places it was recorded. But since that first sighting it has only been seen rarely in Hastings.

I have not been able to walk past any patch of flowering plants or garden without checking for this bee over the last few years. But all I needed to do was walk a few yards down the road I live in West Hill Road. A garden Hebe was alive with the species on Tuesday. At last I’ve seen Bombus hypnorum in Hastings! And there was a lot of them.

Also on Tuesday I was at Filsham Reedbed doing a survey for Sussex Wildlife Trust. I must say the site looks fantastic at the moment. The hard work by Graham and Alice and the Filsham volunteers is really paying off. The scrub clearance, creation of small areas of open water and enlargement of wet meadow and fen by pushing back the reeds in places is a great improvement to the site. Very impressed by all the hard work that has been carried out at Filsham Reedbed recently.

There were a lot of orange-tips on the wing, and overhead a common buzzard and two hobby flew over.


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