Hastings Spring Bird Migration report 2012

Monday 30th April
SE f4 2/8ths, clear, good
Recorded by: AP, AG, MG

Rock-a-Nore 0630-0830:
Common Scoter 54, Sanderling 5, Sandwich Tern 12, Great Skua 1: all E
also 2 Common Terns fishing and 35 GBBs on the arm.

Marina occasional watches 0600-1900
Common gull 7 e, Commic tern 10 e, Bar-tailed godwit 5 and Knot 1 e in evening, Ringed plover 1 e, Swallow 7 and Swift 1 in during the afternoon.

West Hill 09.30 – 10.00
1 Wheatear, 1 Willow Warbler.

HCPNR 14.30 – 16.30
Stock Dove f26 on ground, Linnet f16, 1 Cuckoo, 1 Lesser Whitethroat, 4 Common Whitethroat,
Osprey 1 – at 16.30 – in over edge of east hill, drifted sideways and north over old town.


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