Nightingale ?

Does anyone know of any breeding sites for nightingale round the hastings area or near by. Im planning the usual visit to abbots wood as there have been good numbers for a reasonable number of years.


3 responses to “Nightingale ?

  1. Graham, you don’t need to go as far as Abbot’s Wood. There are plenty of Nightingales in Brede High Wood and around Beckley Woods and no doubt more in odd spots towards Hastings. Scrub is what you look for. Beauport Park had a lot in the past but I think the habitat has changed there through lack of coppicing.

    • Cliff, thanks for that. I rarely get out to either of those locations (though did try for nightjar at brede last year) so will check them out. I used to ring nightingales on one corner of abbots wood a few years ago with graeme dunlop, but the habitat there has changed and they seem to have moved more in to the wood by the car park. The understory there was ideal, reasonably dense. I usually hear one at filsham, though they tend to move on pretty quickly. Havent heard one there this year, so far, but did get the one at rye harbour. Graham

  2. A few years back there were always Nightingales at the marshy woodland opposite Brede Watertreatment Works

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