Exploration of Fairlight Glen and Moth Evening

It was an excellent day yesterday. I started the day helping out with the Friends of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve Exploration of Fairlight Glen. This was one of the best events I’ve ever been involved with at the country park nature reserve. It was great fun and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it and were extremely appreciative of getting an in-depth look at the wildlife and local history of this beautiful gill woodland.

ramsons - fairlight glen
Ramsons in Fairlight Glen.

I don’t think there can be that many Friends group committees that can field such a group of experts to lead such a walk. We had Alan Parker (Ornithologist), Jacqueline Rose (Botanist), Steve Peak (Local Historian) and myself as the entomologist/arachnologist leading the walk through Fairlight Glen. It was a fantastic idea and worked really well. I hope to be involved with more of these in the future.

I added quite a few species to my species list for the year including common buzzard, hairy-footed flower bee (Anthophora plumipes), moschatel, yellow archangel, early dog-violet, Tipula vittata (a crane-fly), Diplectrona felix (a case-less caddis-fly), Dumortier’s liverwort (Dumortiera hirsuta) amongst many others. The list is already approaching 300 species for the year.

yellow archangel, bluebells and greater stitchwort - brakey bank
Yellow archangel, bluebells and greater stitchwort.

Later in the evening was the first moth evening organised by the newly formed Hastings Area Branch of the Sussex Moth Group. We decided to set up around Horse-shoe Car Park as we found a nice sheltered spot up around the picnic benches.

It got pretty cold though, and we had a couple of generator hiccups, but we did eventually record a few moths including water carpet, early thorn, early grey, clouded drab and common quaker. Also as we packed up we saw a bright meteor streak across the sky. That just about made up for the cold, but we would have preferred an overcast warmer night for the moths.

It was great to get the group up and running. We are a friendly bunch of moth enthusiasts so anyone who is interested in getting into moth recording or already moth trap in the Hastings area please contact me and I’ll let you know about our moth evenings for the year. A couple of the moth evenings will be open to the public and I’ll advertise them on the website nearer the time.


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