filsham reedbed

A quick update on filsham reedbed.
We have finished all possible winter based work in the reedbed in time for the imminent reed abd sedge warbler breeding season. The area we have been working in for over 6 months has had a huge amount of effort put in to it by the volunteets lead by alice parfitt, who brings a seperate group, and myself.
We hope, over time, that many species of both flora and fauna will benefit ftom this work.
The three compartments we have compleyed over the past few winters ate now looking much more like reedbed. However, there will have to be.ongoing maintenance work in these areas, especially with the willow to stop it encroaching so much in the future years.
There is, as usual, still much to do…though i can happily report that all the volunteers remain keen and undaunted by the future workload.
If you feel inclined and want to help with this please let me know. Thanks.
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks i will put a few photos on here.


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