hastings country park….again

An early evening visit to the country park provided a few treats. I followed the same route, nearly, as the other day, starting at rocklands lane. Todays weather was quite different. In the dips of the glens, away from the cool wind, the sun was most welcome.
The birdsong was somewhat muted compared to my last visit, however, decending in to ecclesbourne glen i was serenaded by a wonderful blackbird beginning its evening choral jollity. Occasional blackcap and chiffchaff accompanied.
After ascending the east side and on the relative flat walking toward fairlight glen the gulls mastered the gusts from the south west refusing to move forward or backward on the air currents. The jackdaws seemed to want to be more playful roaming in small gangs riding the winds.
The scene was set for a peregrine to zoom in to view, accompanied by a jackdaw, brave or foolish?….perhaps lucky it was the end of the day! The male peregrine fell out of view briefly, only to re appear swaying wildly away from the cliff edge and again disappearing. Moments later it re appeared with a female in tow both flapping hard and quickly gaining height as they became specks in the sky, the male now wings held out straight flyibg close to the female. Then the female peeled away and disappeared over the brow of the hill. The male descended quickly finishing with a lightening fast swoop overhead, alobg the cliff and falling seaward out of view.
Thrill over i carried on in to the glen and a relatively tranquil time.
I found my first red campion commencing down the steps in to warren glen followed by yellow arcangel coming in to flower.
I cut up the glen and found the 50 strong linnet flock flighty at the top. I started the return toward barley lane.
In the field just prior to the tarmac of barley lane the mixed corvid flock had reduced to 50. However, they were accompanied by 250 herring gulls, 5 lesser black backs, a few wood pigeon and 10 stock dove.
A few linnet followed me along barley lane.

One response to “hastings country park….again

  1. Woo, spooky, while you were writting about Peregrines I was replying to the earlier post about them.Jackdaws, reminds me of a year or two ago,Wine and Seafood Festival, I was quietly sitting on the beach doing something illegal along with a couple of hundred other lawbreakers, we were commiting the heinious crime of enjoying a glass of wine/beer, saw a Peregrine with three Jackdaws above it,now as long as they are above it they are safe,so the Peregrine just slowly gained height forcing the Jackdaws higher and higher until they were so high I could’nt see them, think the Peregrine could fly higher than them, bet only two made it too safety !.

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