rainy days and sundays….

UThree hour wander round the country park startibg at rocklands lane, down n up the glens to the coastguard station and back through the quarry along the top and back down barley lane.
Approx 20 chiff though no willow warb. Plenty og blackcaps and a few yellowhammers. A raven flew past the west side of ecclesbourne glen, on the east side i found two more. The fulmars were putting on their usual fabulous ‘no flapping’ displays.
There were several tit parties around including coal tit and treecreeper. Two green woodpeckers were nice to see and one great spot heard. The coastline seemed more subdued the further east i got.
The quarry seemed quiet but a garden warbler cheered things along. At warren cottage a flock of more than 50 linnet sat in the large willows whilst at least 20 more dallied in the field and on the hedgerow.
Opposite dewpond farm there was a mixed corvid flock numbering about 150, mostly jackdaws, in the field. I did count 18 magpies here. There were also a few starlings, a dozen herring gull, a few woodpifeon and one pheasant.


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