A nice walk….

…is what it turned out to be….I spent a couple of hours walking from west st leonards along the bulverhythe beach to lower galley hill. i started at around 9-45am. bit of a mistake really i suppose as there were plenty of people around….and dogs…..so any self respecting bird would probably have flitted on inland. and so it was…..notmuch to report along this stretch other than a resaonable number of great crested grebe on the sea. the highlight being a cormorant with a large fish…and managing to swallow it…..gulp!!
i continued my walk inland along the back of glyne gap marsh hoping for a warbler of some kind. chiff chaff and blackcap were present as were two cettis. the strangest moment was hearing, im sure, an oystercatcher. maybe im getting old and my ears have given up! honestly, im sure it was, somewhere in the reeds on my left!
anyway, wandered on past the garden centre and across the playing fields and returned to my car via bluverhythe beach.
no wheatear!
i pressed on this pm by visitng the hide at castle water, near camber castle itself. rewarded by sand and house martin and a brief view of yellow wag. four garganey rounded the day off well.


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