Moth trapping update

Anybody who runs a moth trap will have found the recent weather frustrating, with clear cold nights producing few moths.

However the last few days have not been without interest, with first records for the year in my Fairlight garden trap of Early Tooth-striped and Double Striped Pug on Mar 29.  But on March 28, while walking down Warren Road in Fairlight we spotted a striking moth on the ground in early afternoon- an Orange Underwing , a day flying species which I’ve only seen once in the area before on the very similar date of Mar 30 , 2007, also in Fairlight. This moth has apparently not been recorded in the Country Park NR so is worth looking out for.

Last night was the first overcast one for some time, though still cold at dawn, and the catch in the Robinson trap in the Country Park NR, which I haven’t put out for several days, was much better. The best moth was visible from some distance as it was sitting on top of the rain guard-a large and beautiful Puss Moth. This is only my 3rd record for the area , with 2 in Fairlight: a wing only on May 20 2007, and one trapped June 5 2011; it appears to be only the second for HCPNR, the only other record being in 1991 !

This is  quite a common moth , widely distributed in England and Wales, however this is an  early record as it’s not supposed to on the wing until May, though a quick internet trawl reveals one photographed in Sussex on April 10 a few years ago.

Puss Moth Hastings Country Park NR

There were 11 species today, the commonest being Common Quaker with 30, additional ones for the year were Engrailed, Grey Shoulder Knot-a species that overwinters as in adult, and Brindled Pug.


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