Hastings Spring Bird Migration Report 2012

SSW f4 to 5 decreasing, low level cloud & mist, occasional showers
Recording by: AP, AG

Rock-a-Nore 0710-0810
5 Brent Geese and 3 Shelducks E.

Hastings CPNR
At least 1 Crossbill heard distantly 0650.

St Leonards Warrior Square yesterday 2145 several Redwings heard high overhead.

Marina 10.30
A shape fluttering leaf-like against the lower promenade wall as I walked by, turned out to be a Firecrest – very confused and perhaps tired – it was very tame and flew down under the beach steps but then managed to fly weakly over the shingle towards one of the wooden groynes. Very misty at sea with a south breeze at the time and some light rain and I suspect the bird had just flown in.

West Hill 08.30
No migrants to report


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